Wedding Flowers In Fort Lauderdale

Wedding Flowers In Fort Lauderdale

Wedding Flowers in Fort Lauderdale

When you smell the intoxicating aroma of orange blossoms, you may think of June weddings and summertime honeymoons. Time-honored as they are, orange blossoms are not the only traditional wedding flowers. Worldwide, dozens of different blooms are incorporated into a nuptial ceremony. With that in mind, we are pleased to present some interesting facts about some other favored wedding flowers in Fort Lauderdale.

Jasmine blossoms

Symbolizing love, beauty, and romance, the national flower of Pakistan is used to string garlands of fragrant blossoms that may be worn by the bride and the groom. Sometimes, red roses are incorporated into decorative wedding garlands. In the Philippine Islands, garlands of jasmine provide fragrance and beauty to weddings. Thai brides and grooms also festoon themselves with jasmine flower garlands.


Symbolic of love, fertility, thoughtfulness, and refinement, orchids belong to the biggest family of blooming flowers in the world. Sometimes grown as houseplants, orchid blooms comprise more than 100,000 different varieties. In fact, orchids grow naturally on every continent except Antarctica. Although they have a reputation for being difficult to grow, there are some varieties of flowering orchid, such as the Phalaenopsis moth orchid that are not that hard to cultivate at home. As wedding flowers in Fort Lauderdale, orchids speak of charm and romance meant to last a lifetime.


While most people think of purple associated with lilacs, the fragrant flowers actually come in a range of pretty colors, each with its own traditional meaning. For instance, white lilacs are said to symbolize innocence and purity. Blue lilacs speak of tranquility and happiness, while pink lilacs are said to associate with strong relationships and deep, lasting love. Purple lilacs were used in Victorian times to induce memories of young love, and magenta lilacs are associated with passion, joy, and the exuberance of life.


As far as fragrance is concerned, nothing beats gardenia. The impossibly aromatic white blooms are traditionally associated with good qualities such as trust, hope, intuition, and friendship. When you present someone with a gardenia, you're telling them that you think they're lovely. Fill the air with remarkable fragrance when you opt for gardenias as your wedding flowers in Fort Lauderdale.


Native to the Caspian Sea region the sweet-smelling hyacinth offer hundreds of star-shaped flowers on every plant. Colors include soft blue, bright pink, deep magenta, and deep dark indigo blue. Hyacinth also come in orange, burgundy, white, yellow, and purple. No matter what colors you are planning for your wedding décor, you're sure to find a hyacinth that fits. Traditionally, hyacinth is said to represent sincerity and true hearts. These fragrant beauties make very sweet wedding flowers in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere.

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Wedding Flowers In Fort Lauderdale
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