Florist In Fort Lauderdale

Florist In Fort Lauderdale

Bayfront Floral is the place to go in Fort Lauderdale for all of your florist needs. The bulk of our services are for weddings. But we can also help you with your floral needs at special events, corporate events and lobby décor for Fort Lauderdale’s leading hotels and venues. These venues include the Ritz Carlton and the Hilton hotel chain. Bayfront Floral has been creating cutting edge floral designs in Fort Lauderdale for 30 years.

Whatever floral design style you prefer, Bayfront Floral will work diligently to create the perfect ambience for your event, no matter how big or small. Let Bayfront Floral turn your flower arrangement dreams into reality.

Choosing flowers that are in season will suit your budget the best.


For a spring event your best flower choices are tulips, late peonies, anemones, hyacinth, iris and daffodils. Summer For a summer event your best flower choices are sunflowers, early peonies, stock, iris and lisianthus.


For a fall event your best flower choices are sunflowers, yarrow, leucadendron, amaryllis, narcissus, dried autumn leaves and pumpkins.


For a winter event your best flower choices are evergreens, hypercium, holly, hydrangea, amaryllis, gerbera daisies, star of Bethlehem and narcissus.


For a summer event your best flower choices are sunflowers, early peonies, stock, iris and lisianthus.

Year Round

If you do not want the pressure of trying to pick seasonal flowers there are plenty of year round flowers to consider. They are roses, delphinium, hydrangea, gerbera daisies, callas and ranunculus.

In choosing the right floral arrangement, let the event venue be a guide. If it is an outdoor venue, such as a park or a botanical garden, fewer flowers will make the biggest difference. Also be sure to pick flowers that truly belong in the venue, Bayfront Floral can help you. In choosing a centerpiece, think about the size and shape of the tables. Small floral centerpieces are perfect for long, rectangular tables. Tall and elevated floral centerpieces are perfect for round tables.

Keep in mind what time of year your special event is taking place. Trying to order flowers that are not in season will just lead to disappointment. Do not let that happen on top of everything else that will go into putting your event together. To really play it safe, pick a flower that is available year round.

It goes without saying; choose flowers that line up with your budget. Most engaged couples use about 10% of their wedding budget on flowers. Be honest and upfront with Bayfront Floral about how much money you are willing to spend. Bayfront Floral wants nothing more than to provide floral arrangements that match your event’s personality and price. You may have to adjust your budget to get the floral arrangement you really want. Keep these extra costs in mind when choosing your flowers; taxes, labor, installation and removal.

Bayfront Floral understands that 1st impressions are everything. That is why we work so hard to create floral arrangements that will make your special event stand out. For more information about our flowers send us a message on our contact page. You can also call us directly at 305-375-0300 or send a private e-mail to

Florist In Fort Lauderdale
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